The goose chase

Did you know about the Saturday I mopped the floor of the Teepee lounge .
One Saturday morning, I noticed that about 20 white geese had either been chased by dogs or blown off the mesa by the wind down into the town of Ignacio.My dad (wayne whiteman) and I went through town searching gardens and yards snagging the white honkers and bagging them into gunny sacks.
After an hour or so, we went to the casino for breakfast. About halfway through the eggs, a tribal policeman approached and told us about more geese down by the Teepee lounge.
It seems that when the place opened that Saturday morning, the regulars entered followed a few minutes later by three geese.when I arrived, the three regulars stared at me as if they had all seen the same pink elephants. The barkeep pursed his lips and with them pointed to the small dance floor.There skating and slip-sliding on green gooy do-do were my white escapees.
After a messy chase, they were captured. As I was leaving, the wordless bartender with his foot ,shoved a wheeled mop bucket across my path. It took about an hour to mop/dance my way to freedom.
Only in Ignacio.

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