Darci’s cleavage

As I took over the  Dean of Student’s position in midyear, the dress code was not high on the radar, but that was before I met Darci.

She was 17, cute, and well raised. Darci didn’t yearn to be the queen, her positive actions and delightful personality gave her a status far above that. However, behind this facade was a scamp…

To avoid handling the dress code of 500 girls, I met with all the female teachers. I said that because they knew appropriate dress for girls, here is a gift assignment.

The next day, I met with the female teachers again. I told them to help, but it was my task. They clapped, then promised to pray for me nightly.

Fortunately, I came in with a reputation of being a good and fair teacher. Then at the next  school board , I had the board remove some of the more spinster-like rules. Both provided me the opportunity from a positive prospective to handle this matter, but it seemed to be ‘ the year of the cleavage’. The girls laughed that I was the only man in the world paid to look at a girl’s chest before I looked at their faces, but they knew I was trying to do right.

Darci could not make it through the week without cleavage event. She would never get mad, usually remarking that one day she would make it through the day with that kind of shirt.

One day I told her in front of several of her friends that I had a pacemaker for my heart and seeing her in that low-cleavaged shirt might make my heart stop. All the girls laughed.

She looked at me coyly, “I’d  give you mouth-to-mouth.” , winked and walked down the hall leaving the girls in a roar.

Finally a couple of weeks later enough was enough, to my office. ” I called your mom,” I said seriously. “She will be here in a minute.”

“Mom’s coming in?” She had astonished look wrapped up in a slight unbelieving smile.

When Mom arrived Darci was seated, seated like all she needed was some popcorn. She was not going to miss this. Mom entered and leaned to sit. That was the moment that I prayed those things would not fall out and embarrass me to death . Where Darci had a teenage body, Mom was in full bloom.

When we spoke, I locked onto her eyes, looking further down would send this Baptist to hell. One side-glance at Darci, She was enjoying the full picture.

Mom was very nice and concluded that Darci would have to do better at school. After she left, Darci and I planned that on her cleavage shirt days, she would wear a zip-hoodie except when she went to McDonalds at noon.

In order that I better understood these teenage girls better,

I asked Darci,” When is a shirt too revealing for you?”

“If you can’t see the nipples, I’m good to go”, she laughingly got up to leave, then turned and said. “Pasties on Monday.” She winked and left….




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