No Man’s Land

What a great evening, The season was over, we had done well. Relaxed exhaustion, that is what I felt. The kids were spread all over the amusement park walking in small groups or in pairs. The coaches and sponsors were basically doing the same, good food , young excited crowd . Perfect, just perfect.

I did need a restroom however, a long day without a pit stop. I excused myself and doubled back to some restrooms that we just passed. Saving time, I took a shortcut through a decorative hedge and went in. The place was empty , maybe the first stall was busy, neither here nor there. With the stall closed, I sat upon my throne and begun to do what you do when you are on that kind of throne.

A young singing voice came out of the first stall, Very pretty I thought. His voice will change in a few years and the song will sound less sweet.

A rush of guys entered in laughing , three maybe four. One quickly slammed the stall door next to me on the right.

“If you don’t hurry up and kiss Mike, I’m going too”, said one of the outstanders. “He is so hot!”

“He and me,” said the stallster beside me, ” we will get it on, I will ravage his soul”

These boys were young, with girly voices and gay as gourds. I could not believe how loud and ‘out’ they were.

“Hey, whose got gloss?”

“I’ve got some.” Some rustling then,” Damn it, you made me drip chocolate on my boob.”

“It wouldn’t happen if you didn’t have such big boobs.

This little exchange caused my life to pass before my eyes, I was in the girl’s restroom.

These were girls who wanted Mike’s body, not gay guys. My little singer didn’t just sing like a girl, he was one. And I was trapped…

My mind raced, if caught, I would be arrested as a ‘pooping tom’. The bus as corruptible as teenagers tend to be would go nuts (Where were you they would ask? Checking the girls bathroom the attending policeman would reply).

Over the course of ten minutes, several girls and women traipsed in and out. How would I escape from my cell without being seen?

At a first quiet moment, I made my break. For some unbeievable reason , I stopped to wash my hands. I hurridly started drying my hands when three little tinyboppers noisily came through the door. And stunned, they looked at me.

“Hi girls”, I said as calm as I could. “Your restroom is on the other side of the building.” The girls looked at each other and around the room.

The skinny one with glasses looking about said, ” I’m confused.”

They moved quickly outside to the sign. I swept outside behind them walking away as glasses girl stared at the ‘Woman’s Restroom sign.” I just don’t understand, I’m confused”.







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