10 minutes or 10 years

When you reach your bodies perception of old age, the mind subconsciously deals with one’s mortality, at an age where you could die suddenly in the next 10 minutes or will continue to motor along for 10 more years. Basically, we set aside this issue rather than dwell on it and move on with what faculties we have left.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to a warm-water fitness class. In the water are 18 white-haired beauties and myself. 50 years ago, this ratio of 18 to 1 in bathing suits would have been a dream come true. It came true fifty years too late. I strut and flex with what little I have to strut and flex with. They float about as if on lily-pads talking about quilts and new swimwear. Some of the women are bathing suit sluts, with a new one every couple weeks. I still look, 18 to 80 I still look. All of us are a bit worn and saggy, but at this age we don’t give a crap.

My memory worries me, but I can’t remember why. I can’t find my car in the parking lot, but somehow know that Monrovia is the capital of Liberia at a moment’s notice. I have taught thousands of students over the years. When one approaches, I may know how many points they scored in their senior year, but can’t remember their name. My wife just walks on by keeping me from the embarrassment of trying to introduce them.

I have puttering down to an art. A project begins with much fanfare, then as I search for a missing tool. I forget what I am looking for or why I am looking for it. Thus a new project springs forth.

My car has been stolen twice from my house .  After it was reported missing. the car was found at work. I had driven to work, then not remembering that I drove, walked home.

Every morning last year I drove our foreign exchange students to school. Twice I arrived at school only to find that I had left them at the house.

Sex, Oh yes sex exists at this age for some, it is done with a hope and a prayer. A hope that something good happens and a prayer that you don’t die in the attempt.

I do appreciate the status and dignity shown to me in my old age. After a playoff game, I was sitting in the stands watching the next game when four of my prettiest players came up to sit with me. Yep, they wanted to sit with their handsome coach ’cause he had it going on. Nope, they were afraid that I would fall down the stairs after the game.

Golf is one sport that can played well into old age. You can’t hit very far and fortunately can’t remember your score at the end.  It’s sun, fun and social interaction.

Unfortunately there can be problems. Harry and I were to play 18 holes on a glorious morning, I could only get in nine. Harry died on the third hole and it was ‘ hit the ball and drag Harry, hit the ball and drag Harry…

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