The N word

It happened last week, I couldn’t believe it. I am a good guy, often read the good book. It broke my heart that someone would think to use that word against me.

They called me the ‘N’ word I am still in shock. Yes , you heard it. They called me a ‘ Neanderthal’! I signed up with that 23andme outfit to discover all the great people in my lineage. They came back with the fact that I’ve more Neanderthal DNA than 90% of the world’s population. So you think that you have had trouble with race, color, or culture, be happy that you’re not a damned Neanderthal like me.

Now I know why my eyebrows curl all over my forehead. I know why I love golf, I get to use a club. I now know why calculus was such a wreck, because I am a Neanderthal. I now know why I love Barbecue, my tribe has always eaten bones with their hands. I now know why I have a reddish beard, it came from those northern European caves where they went at it day and night to provide the DNA for the futuristic specimen such as myself.

So there you have it, I act like a Neanderthal because I am one…

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