Sure, Now it Works

This was the first day at my new position, a position that I won by default. Default of the previous assistant principal for doing something stupid with three girls in the FFA shop area. He was now packed up and halfway back to Arizona.

Discipline had always been one of my strengths. Now halfway through the school year, a transition to a new disciplinarian needed to be quick and seamless. Having been a high school principal in another life and on presently on staff as a fairly popular math instructor, I met the need.

The crowning came earlier in the morning when I received the visible seat of power, the black walkie-talkie radio. This object of power could be attached to the belt, held in the right hand or the left, and often used to transmit edicts from one location to the other.

My strut went best with the radio in the left-hand carry position. I moved through the morning rush of students, my importance must be spread though out the kingdom, there was a new sheriff in town .

I was in and out of the office doing my discipline thing in a very professional manner, but in the hallway something was missing, a frantic call on the black beast now carried by my right hand. We were now deep into mid-morning, no call, nothing.

Was I on the wrong channel, was the volume too low, or were the batteries bad. Back to the office for new batteries.

Before I left my office for another round of hall duty, I double-check my black power source. New batteries, check. Channel 7, check. Volume at it’s highest, check. The walkie-talkie now located on my belt near the back, check. A stop at the staff rest room and I would be ready to again control the quiet hallways.

As I began to pee, the radio went off and I hit all three walls.

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