Not as it Seems

My morning was done, the garden was eating up the summer sun. Just a great day to be alive.

My father would be getting off for lunch in a few minutes and this day I thought I would surprise him for lunch. Walking down Main Street to the corner that the bank was located, I noticed on the side street next to the bank a new, powerful looking pickup truck and a shiny new 4-horse trailer.

Parking next to the bank on Main Street was an old pickup truck with side boards. Obviously this piece of history had seen too many dirt roads and carried too many loads.

The teller windows had a customer here and there and my father at his desk was deep in discussion with a client. The client looked of money, fancy felt cowboy hat, big rodeo-looking belt buckle and alligator cowboy boots. Both men seemed to be examining serious paperwork.

On a wooden bench nearby was a small, old Mexican man patiently waiting his time. Broken down baseball cap, blue work shirt, and black irrigation boots and probably hoping for a loan. Knees together with both feet on the floor nursing a cup of free bank coffee.

The cowboy got up and shook hands with the banker and sauntered out of the bank drawing a envious look or two getting into the big truck.

Dad signaled that he needed to meet with the farmer before lunch. A good handshake and greetings, both smiling. The man needed glasses, his nose followed along closely as the bank paperwork was explained. He shook his head agreeing to this and that. His departure led out front to the old pickup which rocked a little as he climbed in.

As my father and I stepped into the warm sun, I commented on his last two customers,    ” One puts money into the bank and the other borrows it out.”

“Yep, that’s banking.”

“Did you see his truck? Fanciest thing I ever saw. He must be loaded.”

” The interesting thing about what you saw is called a dichotomy. The cowboy was in here trying to keep the truck and trailer from being repossessed. “All hat and no cattle.”

My father continued, “Manuel paid off his 160 acres of hay ground last month and is making an offer on a 40 next to it. He is not out there to impress anyone, he wants more land to leave to his family someday.”

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