The Edge of Eternity

It was either very late October 25th, 1962 or very early October 26th, 1962. Our 1953 pale-blue ford was parked in line with about 100 cars, most back seats loaded with clothing and food. My mother and I stood like all the others along a chain-linked fence separating us from the long runway, its configuration [...]

Not as it Seems

My morning was done, the garden was eating up the summer sun. Just a great day to be alive. My father would be getting off for lunch in a few minutes and this day I thought I would surprise him for lunch. Walking down Main Street to the corner that the bank was located, I [...]

At Peace

I'm an old man now my course is run. I sit on the porch swing and look back at the things I've done.   Where are the victories in the arguments I've won? What foolish worries matter, I can't think of one.   The effect of my life on this earth is nil. There will [...]

High School Reunion

I just returned from my high school reunion, never before had I gone. There was a bunch of old people there. Many were talking and acting like old friends which they were. These people have aged. I looked about looking for my classmates, we were supposed to meet and greet here. This was a retirement [...]

“OK Boomer”

That is what he said when I started out with, "Back in the Day..." It is hard to admit that I am a Boomer through and through. Of course it kind of snuck up on me. Back in the day, Boomer had to do with Oklahoma, Boomer Sooner and all that stuff. Others recognized the [...]

The Realities of Middle School

"Them was the good old days." they said with either sarcasm or joy... There is no place in life where a person learns so much about themselves and their environment than middle school. A few discover that they have qualities that give them a status above others, some find that they have liabilities that can [...]

The Drive-in Movie

Once upon a time teenage dating was the best, most wonderful event. Gas was 29 cents a gallon, 4 hamburgers for a buck, sodas ten cents a bottle, and of course, a dollar a car load at the drive-in. I bring this up as a polished former ticket taker at the Rocket Drive In theater. [...]