NASA: for the love of Io

In front of me on a gray fold-up table was the mess I had created during my time working as a NASA teacher assigned to the Galileo Space Mission based at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Northridge, California. The Ute tribes of Southwestern Colorado and the Ignacio School District had nominatedĀ  me and several Ute [...]

The Strawberry Bus

When we moved to a small logging community in Northwest Oregon, we were introduced to a new lifestyle. The city swimming pool was a couple of logs damming the local stream. The pool even had a life guard. At 2:am every workday, the diesel motors of the many log trucks began idling . 50 or [...]

Working for NASA

I feel fortunate that I have nearly always been in the right place at the right time. That is for sure the reason for my stint with NASA at the Jet Propulsion Lab at Northridge. The Southern Ute Tribe and the Ignacio School District together entered me as a possible NASA Teacher. Several Ute students [...]

My Last Fight

It was a good job for a bad reason. About to start college, I landed a job as a entry level care giver at the State Home and Training School. The patients were mostly very low IQ, now wards of the state for a variety of reasons. The dormitory in which I worked was the [...]


As our pickup slowly descended down the gravel road into the small canyon below, it was like passing into another time. The ranch took up all of the flat space in this magical valley. The 300 hundred acres were divided somewhat evenly between hay ground and horse pasture. The old red barn complimented the brown [...]

Playing Doctor

I was premed, needed a job, and there was an up-scale nursing home right in the pathway from school to home. Connect the dots; Change a few bedpans, play dominos with the old guys and collect a paycheck. Easy enough. The interview as a orderly was as intense as dealing with the CIA or Interpol. [...]

From Silly to Cool

I don't know why this young couple did what they did, but they did... I was a young teen, slipping slowly away from 'pinch and giggle' with the girls. I was done with teasing the girls, then running enjoyably from them. Somewhere, somehow, I was beginning to hope that one would catch me. I was [...]

Waiting for the Angels

This room was larger than the rest. It easily held the six chairs that were placed around the bed. All of her effects had been moved to this room as well. There was a small table which usually heldĀ  pictures that were important to her life and had embraced her nursing room walls. White-haired, frail [...]